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Calyx Membership Enrollment

Friend of Calyx Support the work of Calyx Institute and enjoy access to our digital services. Contributor Our most popular membership level includes unlimited 4G internet.
Secure Digital Services You can use Calyx's offerings of VPN and secure chat, with more coming soon.
T-Shirt & Stickers High quality Calyx t-shirt for your body and stickers for your laptop.
4G Hotspot & Unlimited Internet Unlimited 4G internet and a personal 4G hotspot. The internet service continues for as long as you maintain an active membership at the Contributor level or higher.
Available Devices
    • Franklin T9
    • LINKZONE 2
    • Yearly Option for Dues
      • $100 every year
      • First Year
        $500 for one year
      • Subsequent Years
        $400 every year
      Quarterly Option for Dues
      • $30 every 3 months
        ($120 per year)
      • $150 every 3 months
        ($600 per year)
      Yes! The next time you pay, you can freely switch between yearly and quarterly billing.