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Calyx Membership Enrollment

Friend of Calyx Support the work of Calyx Institute and enjoy access to our digital services. CalyxOS Privacy Defender Support CalyxOS development and get a CalyxOS phone
Secure Digital Services You can use Calyx's offerings of VPN and secure chat, with more coming soon.
T-Shirt & Stickers High quality Calyx t-shirt for your body and stickers for your laptop.
CalyxOS Device Android device with CalyxOS pre-installed
Mobile service Sorry, your CalyxOS device does not come with a carrier plan, but it should be compatible with nearly any mobile carrier.
Available Devices
Ships To Worldwide United States, Puerto Rico
Yearly Option for Dues
  • $100 every year
  • First Year
    $550 for one year
  • Subsequent Years
    $10 every year
Quarterly Option for Dues
  • $30 every 3 months
    ($120 per year)
Yes! The next time you pay, you can freely switch between yearly and quarterly billing.